Below are the Terms and conditions for REVCON INDUSTRIES INC / FREEDOM INDUSTRIES that shall apply to "Resellers" who purchase FREEDOM INDUSTRIES products at wholesale solely for the purposes of resale to the public. All sales to "resellers" are to be approved by FREEDOM INDUSTRIES through the use of the wholesale application process. Verification may include photographs of Reseller's store, website identification, Business License or any other applicable documentation. Reseller agrees that it is forbidden to sell FREEDOM INDUSTRIES products on wholesale basis to other retailers. FREEDOM INDUSTRIES reserves the right to terminate the account of any Reseller.


Buyer must purchase $2,500 worth of product to open a dealer account. In order to maintain Dealer status with FREEDOM INDUSTRIES the buyer is responsible to maintain a yearly minimum of $30,000 worth of merchandise unless otherwise noted.

All orders made by Resellers are subject to FREEDOM INDUSTRIES approval. Unless written consent is given by FREEDOM INDUSTRIES, Reseller must make payment for all orders in US dollars prior to shipment. Reseller is solely responsible for sales and all taxes associated with the reselling of FREEDOM INDUSTRIES products. FREEDOM INDUSTRIES offers NET 30 terms on orders credit approved by our factors. Review of credit application for new customers may take up to several days. For any rush orders, we recommend payment by credit card. NET 30 Payment must be made within 5 days of pay period to avoid account termination. 

Online Sales
Resellers may not offer FREEDOM INDUSTRIES products online unless written consent is given by FREEDOM INDUSTRIES. In addition to any other remedies FREEDOM INDUSTRIES may have- FREEDOM INDUSTRIES reserves the right to terminate the Reseller's account if it is determined that Reseller is engaging in unauthorized online sales of FREEDOM INDUSTRIES products.

Intellectual Property
Reseller acknowledges that the name "FREEDOM INDUSTRIES" all text and graphics on FREEDOM INDUSTRIES website, and all photographs of FREEDOM INDUSTRIES modeled clothing are the exclusive intellectual property of FREEDOM INDUSTRIES. Use of FREEDOM INDUSTRIES Intellectual Property is permitted only in relation to the sale of FREEDOM INDUSTRIES products. FREEDOM INDUSTRIES intellectual property shall not be used to promote other brands of apparel or other products unless approved by FREEDOM INDUSTRIES. If requested by FREEDOM INDUSTRIES, Reseller agrees to provide all uses of the FREEDOM INDUSTRIES intellectual property for the use of selling of FREEDOM INDUSTRIES products.

BRANDING, marketing & advertising 

Any branding , marketing & advertising done outside of the physical store where FREEDOM INDUSTRIES products are being sold must be approved with written consent by FREEDOM INDUSTRIES prior to engaging .


FREEDOM INDUSTRIES product can not be discounted or marked down unless approved by an internal sales representative , or times when sales reflect pricing on In store Prices must reflect pricing at all times unless otherwise noted. 


For the most current listing of styles, colors and inventory, visit our website at Please note that based on demand and sales, FREEDOM INDUSTRIES reserves the right to discontinue styles, colors and size without prior notification.

Certain products in the catalog are "book" only - meaning some goods are made to order or have a longer lead time. A representative will follow up if there are any discrepancies with product purchased.


Please consult your representative for current processing and ship time. Additions to orders already placed will be considered a “new order” and written as a new purchase order. All merchandise will be shipped UPS, and customer is responsible for freight unless otherwise noted in their account.


If you did not receive a confirmation, we did not receive your order. FREEDOM INDUSTRIES will not pay for expedited shipments on orders that were not confirmed. Please contact your representative if you did not receive a confirmation.


FREEDOM INDUSTRIES will not be responsible for non-delivery, delay, loss, or damages during shipment. All merchandise will be shipped UPS. Customer is responsible for freight unless otherwise noted.


Due to possible human error, it is the buyer/consignee's responsibility to verify that the merchandise received matches what was ordered and to resolve any claims with FREEDOM INDUSTRIES before product is displayed. FREEDOM INDUSTRIES will not accept any claims due to incorrect shipments if garments are altered.


It is the Buyer’s responsibility to inspect all merchandise before displaying and selling. If an issue is found , please contact sales rep for replacement or credit.


FREEDOM INDUSTRIES does not accept goods to be bought back. If a mark down is necessary it must be approved by an internal representative first and given written consent.


All claims must be made within 14 days from receipt of goods. Returns will be accepted only with prior authorization. Return shipments will be refused if not accompanied with a Return Merchandise Authorization Code. A 15% restocking fee applies to returns beyond FREEDOM INDUSTRIES control.

Reseller Relations
Reseller agrees that it shall not represent itself as having a relationship with FREEDOM INDUSTRIES other than the wholesaler supplier relationship that is defined in these terms & conditions. Furthermore, the Reseller agrees not to intentionally or unintentionally misrepresent FREEDOM INDUSTRIES, its brand, or its products.

Participation Disclaimer
FREEDOM INDUSTRIES cannot review all communications and materials used in relation to wholesale accounts, their websites, physical locations in which products are sold, or created by users accessing the FREEDOM INDUSTRIES site. FREEDOM INDUSTRIES is not liable or responsible for any such material or other content in relation to user-generated content on the site. FREEDOM INDUSTRIES reserves the right to delete or block any and all material or communications that are deemed unacceptable by FREEDOM INDUSTRIES.

Notices and Inquiries
All questions regarding wholesale applications and the terms & conditions listed herein will be answered through email at

Termination of Terms

These terms and conditions are applicable to you after agreement and completion of the wholesale application for FREEDOM INDUSTRIES. Any part of these terms and conditions may be terminated by FREEDOM INDUSTRIES without prior notice and for any reason. The provisions relating to Copyrights, Trademark, Disclaimer, Limitation of Liability, Indemnification and Miscellaneous, shall survive any termination.